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You can have a base in the guesthouse Kasti and from there go on various excursions.

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Horse rental Kast Guesthouse


Kast is located opposite the community centre Lýsuhóll, which has a unique swimming pool with mineral water. The water is famous for its nourishing power on the skin.

Lýsa’s water area lies along the main road in the land of Lýsudalur, but it is only about 2 minutes driving away. There you can catch salmon, trout and sea trout.

Great places of interest are close by. The natural pearl Búðir is about 15 km west and the ancient church Staðarstaður lies about 10 km east of Kast.

If you hike from Kast to Lýsuskarð, you will come by Lýsa which is a small lake with a lot of trout in it to catch. It is possible to further continue across the mountain and go to Grundarfjörður. Be aware that this is a 4–6-hour hike.

Snæfellsjökull National Park is also in the immediate vicinity with fascinating nature and significant historical monuments. The special position of the national park lies in its proximity to the sea and the interaction of human life and nature. Among other things, there are relics of fishing villages from the past. The national park is dominated by the magnificent Snæfellsjökull glacier, which is shrouded in mystery and energy. During the summer, there are daily snowmobile or hiking tours on Snæfellsjökull, from early in the morning until the midnight trip, which is an indescribable experience in the summer.

Fishing trips

Lýsa water area is within walking distance of Kast. Sea angling can be done from Arnarstapi and with Sæferðir sea tours from Stykkishólmur.

Car trips

You can drive from Kasti to Ólafsvík and from there in a round trip around Snæfellsjökull along the sea side. Jökulhálsvegurinn is open to all cars during the summer and runs from Hellnar / Arnarstapi to Ólafsvík. At the foot of Stapafell is Sönghellir, where Bárður Snæfellsás lived while he built his farm on Laugarbrekka in Hellnar and then used it for plans with his men. The cave is a dome, there is a lot of echo and on its walls are inscriptions dating back to 1753.


It is about 30 km to Ólafsvík via Fróðárheiði and 30 km to Arnarstapi. It is about 90 km to Borgarnes and about 160 km or 2 hours drive to Reykjavík.

Beach trips

The beach from Hellnar to Arnarstapi is a protected area. The nature there is spectacular and the bird life is varied. It is ideal for hiking.

At Búðir there is a beautiful white sand beach that is fun to walk around and collect shells and rocks.


Sæferðir in Stykkishólmur offers a variety of sailings around Breiðafjörður, e.g. children’s trips, day trips to Flateyjar, nature and bird watching trips around Breiðafjörður and more.

Golf courses

There are four golf courses in Snæfellsnes. At Langholt close to Kast, in Ólafsvík, Suður-Bár near Grundarfjörður and in Stykkishólmur.

Horse rental

Kast Guesthouse offers one to three hour long trips every day. meetup is 15 minutes before departure.

There is almost nothing more fun than enjoying nature on horseback and ideal to rest the car and experience the Icelandic horse.

Group tours are also available. We do not provide riding clothing, but of course helmets.

A guide is included in all trips.

Kast Guesthouse phone: 4215252 and 6934739


At Ytri-Tungu in Staðarsveit you can usually see seals on the rocks offshore. There is easy access for everyone.


In the cliffs by Hellnafjörður there is a lot of bird nesting and it is easy to observe fulmar, seagull, and murres. There is also a magnificent bird cliff by Svalþúfa and on Öndverðarnes. One of the largest breeding areas in the world can be found between Hellissandur and Rif, in addition to which there are significant crested grebes at Arnarstapi and Hellnanes. Countless species of wading birds nest on lakes and ponds in Staðarsveit and by Rifsós, some of them rare. Sea trips in Stykkishólmur also offer bird watching cruises around Breiðafjörður.


Out of Snæfellsnes there are some of the best conditions in the world for whale watching, both blue and humpback whales, some of the largest animals on earth, as well as smaller whales such as orcas and porpoises.

Swimming pools

Lýsuhólslaug: The first is Lýsuhólslaug, which is opposite Kasti, about a two-minute walk away. The pool has natural hot natural water, straight from the ground. It is very mineral rich and considered extremely healthy and healing. No substances, such as chlorine, are mixed into the water. The swimming pool in Stykkishólmur is an outdoor pool with a 57 m water slide, which is the second longest slide in the country, a wading pool and two hot tubs, a 12 m indoor pool which is primarily intended as a teaching and training pool. The hot tubs contain health water that comes directly from the borehole at Hofstaðir, but the water is good as a treatment for various skin problems, such as eczema and psoriasis. The swimming pool in Ólafsvík is a 12.5 m indoor pool with a hot tub. By the pool there is a sports hall, soccer field, artificial turf field, playground and close to all services.


Snæfellsnes has various museums. In Hellissandur there is a Maritime Museum, in Ólafsvík a regional museum in a warehouse and a Fish Museum with the marine life of Breiðafjörður, in Grundarfjörður there is a History Center, in Bjarnarhöfn there is a Shark Museum and in Stykkishólmur there is the Norwegian House.

Horse rental

Kast Guesthouse phone: 421 5252 & 693 4739

Shark processing

Helgafellssveit: Bjarnarhöfn phone: 438 1581

Glacier tours

Arnarstapi: Snjófell, phone: 435 6783 & 854 5159

Bike rental

Arnarstapi: Snjófell, phone: 435 6783 & 854 5150


Snæfellsnes phone: 561 8000
Vegamót Snæfellsnes phone: 435 6690


Sjómannagarðurinn Hellissandi phone: 436 6784 
Pakkhúsið Ólafsvík phone: 436 1543


Arnarstapi: Snjófell phone: 435 6783
Pakkhúsið í Ólafsvík phone: 436 1543


Langaholt, 9 holes phone: 435 6789
Ólafsvík, 9 holes phone: 436 1666
Grundarfjörður, 9 holes phone: 438 6815
Stykkishólmur, 9 holes phone: 438 1075

Swimming pools

Laugagerðisskóli phone: 435 6600
Lýsuhóll phone: 435 6730
Hellissandi phone: 436 6719
Ólafsvík phone: 436 1199

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